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We offer a professional dog grooming and walking service in the heart of North London. So, weather your dog needs just a bath, full groom, or a regular dog walker we are on hand to provide an excellent standard of service in our purpose-built dog grooming salon.
We have mastered gentle, confident animal care and handling, as well as grooming skills that produce consistently beautiful results. We will make your pet look and feel great!

Day of the dog Reviews

My little staffie is in love with shim! Always excited to see her! 10/10 ⭐️
Leyla Shimen
Leyla Shimen
10:57 18 Dec 20
We got lucky when ringing around for a groomer last week when finding Day of the Dog. The business was just about to re-open and we were one of the first to call for an appointment for Hettie, our Yorkie-Jack Russell cross. We had tried others but they were booked for weeks in advance and Hettie desperately needed a trim. As I say we got lucky as the job they did was magnificent and much better than previous groomers we had used. Hettie came back looking fabulous and smelling beautifuI. I would definitely recommend them to all who need a first class grooming service
tim burrows
tim burrows
18:00 05 Jun 20
Shim did an amazingly thorough groom on our dog yesterday - best groom he has ever had. Thank you Shim, you’re fantastic. ❤️
Maggie McAlister
Maggie McAlister
09:03 05 Jun 20
I was so grateful to hear about Shim and I've loved the groom she's given Archie, my 18 month old, fidgety Bichon Frise. He's looking super trim and handsome, and just what he (& I!) both needed in the run up to sunnier weather. Thanks Shim. Lovely work!
Sophie O'Reirdan
Sophie O'Reirdan
13:16 13 May 20
Took my dog there just recently and got exactly what I asked for leaving my dog happy, well groomed and most importantly calm Will be returning
Ariela Cameron
Ariela Cameron
18:54 20 Mar 20
Shim is so lovely. She's very professional and a great groomer. I have two dogs a miniature schnauzer and dashund. Shim groomed both dogs very well and at a reasonable price. No doubt I will definitely book again as the dogs looked great and were well looked after. I would highly recommend. Thanks again Shim xx
18:53 20 Mar 20
Brilliant service my boy Bobbie is all fresh an looking so proud of himself. His not the easiest dog to handle quite a heavy bulldog but they were so patient and amazing with him.
Tracy Driver
Tracy Driver
13:07 15 Mar 20
I wasn't sure about the location but after talking with Shim she was very accommodating, caring and professional this is my first yelp review and day of the...
Victoria H.
Victoria H.
11:48 07 Mar 20
Took my a Maltese dog for some grooming today and I must say I was so Impressed with Shim and what a great job she did. I strongly recommend her and will definitely come back for more grooming. Oreo thank you
Paulo De Sousa
Paulo De Sousa
18:43 19 Jan 20
Great service 🙂 my dog loves you.
Caner Tandogdu
Caner Tandogdu
16:37 21 Dec 19
Thank you shim. Careful attention to detail. Very pleased 🙂 see you soon
18:05 03 Nov 19
Shim gave a beautiful haircut to my dog! Thank you Shim. First time we used Day of the Dog and very happy with the haircut and how our dog was treated. We will definitely come back again.
Eva Martin
Eva Martin
20:42 22 Oct 19
Shim who owns it couldn’t have been more welcoming and Snoopy our beagle who went there for his very first bath enjoyed himself and came back so beautiful and clean and smelling lovely. ❤️
Angela Bass
Angela Bass
19:56 01 Aug 19
Highly recommended. My pug loves going for a weekly visit. A very personal and professional service. Cant recommend enough.
Fay Ellis
Fay Ellis
19:29 14 May 19
I highly recommend this Girl if you want your dog to be in safe and professional hands. She is so gentle and caring and goes the extra mile in making sure she does an excellent job. Nothing Is ever too much and what’s so amazing is she is even willing to drop you’re dog to your house!! Now that’s what I call 5 star service!! Wouldn’t go anywhere else now! xxxx
Ozlem Bilgen
Ozlem Bilgen
19:26 14 May 19
brilliant service would recommend
Emma Lisa Djemal
Emma Lisa Djemal
14:01 16 Apr 19

Services and Pricing

The below prices are guide prices and each service is determined by breed type, condition of coat and temperament.
For a quote, please call 07551 370 470.

Wash & Brush from £20.00

Maintenance Groom £30
(Includes trimming around eyes, paws, and sanitary area)


Small Breeds from £38
Medium Breeds from £43
Large Breeds from £48
(Includes wash, brush, haircut/re-style, nails, paws, ear cleaning)


Nails Only £5
Anal Gland Expression £7
Blueberry Facial £5
Dog Walker £15 per hour
minimum booking of 3 walks a week.
(Includes pick up and drop off, group socialising, exercise, and play)

Services and Pricing

The below prices are guide prices and each service is determined by breed type, condition of coat and temperament. For a quote please call 07551 370 470

WASH & BRUSH – From £20.00

WASH, BRUSH & TIDY UP – from £25

(Tidy Up includes trimming around eyes, paws and sanitary area)


Small Breeds -From £32
Medium Breeds – from £38
Large Breeds – from £44

(Full Groom includes wash, brush, haircut/re-style, nails, paws, ear cleaning/plucking)



ANAL GLANDS – From £5.00


FLEA TREATMENT – Starting From £10.00

Terms & Conditions


Please ensure that your pet has been given the opportunity to relieve them self before entering the grooming salon unless walking service is requested prior to appointment at additional cost.

It is the owners’ responsibility to inform the groomer of any changes since last visit or any medical conditions your pet may have.

Owners are responsible for keeping their pet up to date with their parasite treatments and vaccinations.


We will do our best to groom your pet to your requirements. however, if your pet is excessively matted it might be clipped (shaved off).
Depending on the severity of the coat, which will be discussed during consultation, there may be an additional charge for grooming your pet in such condition. In that case it will not be possible to achieve the style you desire. As groomers, our PRIMARY concern is to relieve any distress or discomfort your pet may have because of their severely or excessively matted coat (http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/45/contents)


Anal glands might be examined after owner request for an additional charge, however, as this is not groomer’s area of expertise, owner might be advised to visit a VET.

We reserve the right to refuse any groom at any time without reason.

We strongly advise you to insure your pet. while we take every reasonable precautions to prevent any harm to pet, we will not accept any responsibility for anything which was caused rather than by negligence of the groomer.


PLEASE BE AWARE THAT PRICES ARE GUIDE ONLY! actual costs depend on many factors (e.g., size of pet, coat condition, density of coat, temperament, desired and achievable result,) any additional costs will be explained to you.

As a courtesy please remember to call us as soon as you know that you will be unable to make your scheduled appointment and we’d be happy to rebook it for you.

If you miss an Appointment or fail to give us 24 hours’ notice you will be required to pay a fee of 50% of your service total.

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